Zombies For Money: “Indonesia” – EP Review

Published on April 3rd, 2012

Zombies For Money are back with another EP for our friends at Trouble & Bass! They’ve been sitting on this one for a while now (all the tracks on it were featured in their awesome MegaMix over a year ago), so I have to admit that I was getting a little bit impatient. Seriously guys, I had to wait for these gems for a year? A whole year? Don’t be goin’ Major Lazer on me now…

Regardless of the wait time, though, Manaia and Klipar have once again delivered in style, digging deep into their Indonesian influences to bring us four bangin’ Tropical Bass tracks that are sure to destroy any dancefloor.

The title track, “Indonesia,” has two versions: “Sun” and “Moon” — in other words, your light flavor and your dark flavor. “Sun Version” is a great pick-me-up track, infectious and energetic without being over the top, relying on that signature ZFM delay/pitch-bend “rattle” in the synth line and a sample of a woman’s sun salutations (I think…) to get you up and moving.

“Indonesia (Sun Version)” – Zombies For Money

“Moon Version” is, of course, its opposite. The man chanting during the breakdowns sounds like he’s about to break into tears… before grinding your soul into dust with grating, soulless computer synth. Both are sure to find a place in your library.

“Indonesia (Moon Version)” – Zombies For Money

“Jakarta” is next, and it puts the “bass” in Tropical Bass. This track is all low synths, kicks, bass arpeggios, and bells. And probably my personal favorite on the EP. I could listen to it all day. Actually, I have been.

“Jakarta (Original Mix)” – Zombies For Money

Last but not least is “Puncak Jaya,” named after the tallest mountain in Indonesia. Probably the most “playful” of the bunch, “Puncak Jaya” is all over the place, bobbing and weaving in and out of different flute, synth, and snare lines. Free download, too!

“Puncak Jaya (Original Mix)” – Zombies For Money

Make sure to swing by Beatport and grab the EP, as well as the rest of the excellent Zombies For Money discography!


  1. Posted by Ricardo Manaia on April 19th, 2012, 08:52 [Reply]

    Thanks man… really good post! The next EP’s wont take that long, I promisse ;)


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