Zombies For Money: Free “Streets of Kolkata” – EP

Published on December 2nd, 2011

I was so excited to share this EP with you guys that I was literally tripping all over myself to get home and put it up.

As you may know, I am of the (absolutely correct) opinion that Zombies For Money can do no wrong. Not only are their productions killer, but they truly love their fans — they’ve let us have so many goodies, for free! And this is one of them, featuring their previously-unreleased “Streets Of Kolkata” and their remix of Deathface‘s “Blood Rave.”

“Streets Of Kolkata (Original Mix)” – Zombies For Money (Soundcloud link) <- HUGE! Manaia and Klipar once again revisit their Bhangra influences to produce a dancefloor-destroyer so drenched in sitar and vintage guitar and synth work that it, somewhere, makes Ravi Shankar smile and give a knowing grunt in his grave — all of which makes total sense, because the track samples Ananda Shankar’s track of the same name. Will easily fit into the primetime laundry list of just about any type of DJ, so I hope you grab it fast for fear of it being played out. And even if it remains under the radar, rest assured, you have hell of a heater on your hands.


“Blood Rave (Zombies For Money Remix)” – Deathface (Soundcloud link) <- Like the evil night to “Streets Of Kolkata’s” day, “Blood Rave” is a far darker, far more raw track. But absolutely no less bangin’. All of you Brostep jockeys, pay close attention, because this one’s for you. The original “Blood Rave” is a dark Dubstep ode to the rave synths of the past; the Zombies ran with this, warping it around their signature  “rattles” and  dropping the majority of the wobble for a massive, echoing Tropical Bass kick line fit for the filthiest of souls.


And stay tuned; more Tropical Bleats and other good things in the pipe!


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