Zola Jesus @ Union Transfer 2/17/12

Published on February 22nd, 2012

This past Friday, Claire & I had the pleasure of seeing Zola Jesus perform at Union Transfer. This was my third time seeing her live, the first was when she opened for The xx at the Academy Of Music here in Philly, and the second time was when I took my mom to see her at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. Yes, my mom did enjoy the show, thank you for asking. Nikki, aka Zola Jesus, is just as small as she was the first two times I’ve seen her, yet the voice that comes out of that tiny body of hers has gotten bigger every time.

This was my first time seeing her headline a show, and she definitely sounded bigger than ever. Every time I’ve seen her she sings the songs slightly differently; howling some kind of other way, using a different one of her eighteen vocal muscles. I guess I should mention she is a classically trained opera singer. She must of been like, “How can I package opera music for today’s generation of cool kids?” Add some electronic beats, key board symphonies, and big bass drums and bam: Zola Jesus.


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