Published on October 18th, 2011

As we sauntered into the Theater of Living Arts on October 13th, we realized we were a bit tardy.  Xylos, an electro-synth-pop band hailing from Brooklyn, NY was already halfway through one of our favorite tracks, “X-Ray.”  So, naturally, we pushed and shoved our way through the crowd to get front and center for a show we had been anxiously anticipating.  Lead singer, Monika Heidemann, truly captivated the adoring audience throughout their entire set.  Her impeccable voice radiated through speakers so clear and flawless, we felt as though we were listening to their recordings.  Heidemann definitely added an aesthetic aspect of the show; she clearly enjoyed the music she was performing, dancing and heightening the senses for those in attendance.  Fellow band members include, Eric Zeiler, Nikki Lancy, Christopher Berry, Matt Aronoff, created an amazing sound with their mastered instruments.  If you aren’t aware of Xylos, you should do better because they are a musical gem that deserves a place in your heart.  Here, we’ll help you get started…






And here’s one of their newest songs, “Eastern Pose,” hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

–Post by Lauren Stieff, Tyler Persons


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