Wooferface’s Waveform Wednesdays II

Published on September 5th, 2012

Photo by Moonfax

Found a bunch of goodies this time around. Crookers just released the Bowser EP off of Fools Gold and their track by far wins the comical title award for the evening. Hammahead‘s song too is part of an EP called Street Sharks, a fairly fantastic collection of bass music. Other highlights include tracks from Neuport and fellow Philadelphians Krueger and Bombé.

Hammahead – Germs Intro

Crookers – Trillex

Ro Knew – Bird Eye’s View

Valentino – Cigarettes


Krueger & Bombé – <HI=”BB”/>

TCF – 0759C57GB1B5DE79719BB6C332364DBF92C189DE (DJ Paypal Remix)

And just as a little treat, here’s a link to Freshmore‘s latest Podcast mixed by my good buddies the Westside Schmucks.

Freshmore Podcast 20 – Westside Schmucks


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