Wooferface’s Waveform Wednesdays: Lo Note UK

Published on March 7th, 2012

Changing tones from last week (terrible puns already?), we find ourselves looking into much deeper bass this week. Aside from being a clothing retailer and artist management agency,  Lo Note UK is a label that promotes some pretty pretty intense and  unconventional bass music. Managed by Pusherman, Boxwork, and My Nu Leg, this label looks like its just getting off its feet, and with a running start no less. LNUK002 and 003 are currently forthcoming to much excitement, albeit most of it personal. To start, lets look at the artist who brought us here, easily recognizable to any gamer and now, any music enthusiast.

Majora – Shook

Majora aka Bandicoot aka Daniel Evans-Jones is 19-year old DJ/Producer out of Reading, Britan who produces bass music that doesn’t really abide to any rules, except that they hit hard and create an instant groove. From the deepest of dubs to echoing glistening vocal lines to the rattling roots of UK funky, this kid has one for everyone. Although his only contribution to the label thus far is a single nugget of gold to the Label Sampler, the recent release of the above track hopefully implies we’ll be getting more very soon.

Majora – 2 x 1

Legend4ry – Man Up (Bandicoot Got Sinister remix)

Pusherman, one of the label headers, was the first to christen Lo Tone’s catalog with a label. “Shake it Off” is probably the perfect way to get any new label noticed, sounding very reminiscent of old school big beat. Like Majora, the rest of his tracks lead eccentrically from style to style, each time pulling it off as if he’d been working the sound for years.

Pusherman – Shake It Off incl. Wash Lyrical Remix

Pusherman – Still Feel

Pusherman – Sicko Cell (Pusherman Remix)

My Nu Leg is another name on the management roster of the label and although his release, Lo Note’s third, isn’t out yet, he is still worth the mention. Chalk full of free downloads, these tracks were a pleasure to explore. The one track that needs note is “Midnight”, a freebie and 8 minute long epic of a dreamscape.

My Nu Leg – Fireflies EP Sampler

My Nu Leg – Midnight

Finally, we have Last Japan. Although his next release Ambush, Nu Tone’s second, is mostly dubstep, I found a lot more from this talented artist. Also known as Marco Giuliani, this kid’s already got a solid history in bass music. He next steps will be exciting ones.

Last Japan – Ambush EP Sampler

Last Japan – East (Instrumental)

Last Japan – Settle Down ft. Bobbie Gordon


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