Wooferface’s Waveform Wednesdays: Infrasonics

Published on March 28th, 2012

This seems like a no-brainer coming off of last week. Infrasonics is a London based label that puts out “UK rooted rave music”. Although I don’t know how long they’ve been around, but I know its been long enough to put together a damn solid roster of fantastic UK and US artists alike.

Spatial – 80207

Spatial has a knack for not only bass, but numbering his songs. From dubstep to bass music, he is an Infrasonics resident who releases plenty of dubs, original and remixes alike. Some of the more bass driven garage-y tracks I dig a bit more than the rest, but I’ll let you decide.

Spatial – 100717

Spatial – 100427

XXXY is another UK head by the name of Rupert Taylor. His bass is equally as deep except much more wobbly. Like his fellow labelmates, he’s got a lot of funky poppin synths that are reminiscent of disco and UK bass music. Come for the basslines, stay for the melodies.

XXXY – Everything EP Sampler

Count & Sinden – Desert Rhythm (XXXY remix)

Gon is a man of many talents. Aside from working at record store, collecting records and scratching vinyls galore, he’s also been cranking out funky tunes and smashing bass riddims. From dub music and beyond, Gon’s many influences shine through in his music like aural gold. Get some in your system.

Gon – Chaka Mad

Bob & Major Grave – Imperial (Gon Remix)

Kingthing made his blog debut last week when he threw down a slammer track with Jamie Grind, but gets his own little blurb this week for, well, just being so awesome. He also runs three labels, in some form or another, and has been released through various other ones. Keep an a close eye on the ever grinding Kingthing. Also, catch the man on Sub.Fm every other friday from 4 to 6.

Kingthing – Oxytocin

Kingthing – Wishful Thinking


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