Wooferface’s Waveform Wednesdays: Hot N Heavy

Published on March 14th, 2012

To find a label putting out Garage and Bass music from the US is always a treat. Not because I just assume that the UK can do it better, although that may be case, but just because I know the sound over here isn’t as evolved as it is across the ocean. Regardless of my pre-formed notions of what country does it better, Hot N Heavy helped me break down those aforementioned notions by exposing me to a range of some fresh bass music.

Commodore 69 – Snorkel

Started in San Fransisco in 2009 by tropical bass enthusiast Commodore 69, Hot N Heavy supports artists from all over the globe. The first one I looked into was ∆dmin, another artist who digs on the delta symbol as well as produces some pretty hardcore dance music. Although his self-described genre’s are none that most music listeners would recognize, its a cool and mellow sound that is very broadly electronic and even suggests big beat influences at times.

∆dmin – Bubblebath

∆dmin – Homeslice

The most recent release from Hot N Heavy is by duo Mak & Pasteman. Less than a month old, the Playboy EP features some glitch hop-esque sounds as well as some more unconventional global bass: a perfect combination if you ask me. On their own, Mike Pasteman and Craig McNamaraare still both formidable forces of the EDM world, both with their own very unique styles.

Mak & Pasteman – Playboy EP Preview

Pasteman – So High

Mak – About You

The last artist I found is an apparent powerhouse of musical creation. Wachs Lyrical is Liam Wachs and aside from having releaes on Hot N Heavy, also has a huge catalog of music on his website. From just outside of London this kid makes everything from corporate jingles to dubstep bangers to heavy metal tracks. I highly recommend you explore both his official site as well as just searching his name, there’s tracks stashed all over the internet with his name on them.

Wachs Lyrical – Summer Beat EP

Wachs Lyrical – Infrastructure



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