Wooferface’s Waveform Wednesdays: Gold Whistle

Published on June 27th, 2012


Gold Whistle, founded in 2005, isnt just a crew, and a party, but a label and quite possibly a movement. Last week I got the awesome chance to rock out at a Gold Whistle Party, set in dimly lit dungeon setting that is New York’s Lit Lounge. Aside from meeting a lot of talented people, including many of the Gold Whistle fam, as well as seeing some old faces, myself and buddies Jay and Red ( aka the Westside Schmucks)  got a chance to listen to a lot of great tracks from the label’s fantastic catalog.

Cobra Krames & Cerebral Vortex – Aye Boi!

I see no place better to start than with label owner Cobra Krames, the hottest new boy band. Aside from being a totally awesome individual, the man is also a musical powerhouse. With a versatile yet unique sound, ranging from hard and melodic NY club to deep and dirty Trap, his is a sound to pay particular attention to. That being said I have to take a moment to give a shout out to his newly released Space Cakes EP with Cerebral Vortex. Fantastic verses backed by hard as hell trap beats make these 4 tracks enough to get hooked on. Don’t forget to grab Aye Boi, which is being graciously donated to your ear drums cause Cobra Krames loves you.

Cobra Krames & Cerebral Vortex – Ziploxxx

Diplo and Nicky Da B – Express Yourself (Cobra Krames and Yamez Remix)

The WCKids, or Wild Crazy Kids for those of you with the guts to call em that, are a group of three DJs/Producers, DJ A.N.S, PailHoes and Smurfo. I got a chance to hear Smurfo throw down a set of some fantastic trap, including a couple of remixes of some old favorites I was happy to hear revamped for a new, more hood generation. Production wise, WCK have a sick arsenal of tunes that showcase many stylistic influences.

Bryan Ellis – She (DJ A.N.S What You Think Remix)

Baby Erin – Basketball [Bounce Your Booty] (DJ A.N.S NYClub Remix)

Kanye West – Mercy (WC Kids Remix ft. 2 Chainz)


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