Wooferface’s Waveform Wednesdays: Get Flavor Records

Published on July 11th, 2012

Like any delicious dish, Get Flavor offers a fantastic assortment of tasty sounds for your ears. Featuring an artist lineup that I am excited to say, I knew nothing about beforehand, doesn’t fail to prove impressive. Featuring low basslines, chirpy old school synths and driving garage percussion lines, the catalog is a fantastic place to find things you didn’t know you liked, but actually love.

Meati – Carmen

The first thing you see when you get to their soundcloud, a list of tracks from their last comp. Despite coming out half a year ago, the flavor is still there, and in high quantity from both label artists and contributing artists alike. Meati, a Canadian producer, has been makin’ the beef for a couple years now and has a fantastic track on the comp, as well as many more deep sexy thumpers in his arsenal.

Meati – Ashanti

Meati – Fall out

Ollie Macfarlane – Press Start

From what I gather, Ollie Macfarlane is currently the most active of the label, at least in the sense, that he’s had a more recent than most of his label mates. Not like its a race… (It is). He’s capable of raging basslines and megaman war-esque sounds but has his own unique style known as Night Garage, which sounds like a Jazz Jackrabbit porno soundtrack. Needless to say, its fantastic.

Ollie Macfarlane – Elusive

Ollie Macfarlane – True

Ciara & Missy Elliot – 1-2 Step (Look Like Remix)

And the list goes on, from Switzerland’s Look Like to France’s Night Drugs and all the way across the ocean to Chile, Daniel Klauser‘s home. What I’m trying to say is, the flavor is spreading, and you should help yourself.

 Night Drugs – Your Body

Daniel Klauser – Rootz


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