Wooferface’s Waveform Wednesdays: Frite Nite

Published on April 11th, 2012

San Francisco is a heavier exporter of awesome arts of all kinds. Music is no different, and now, with my discovery of Frite Nite, I know the Bass Music is flowing out there on the west coast. Originally just a crew, their first release came in 2009 and with the addition of a blog, have been hammering out killer tunes and free tracks ever since. They’ve got quite a roster to boot, so lets take a peek.

Salva – Wake Ups

Salva is, from what I’ve gathered, not only the owner of the label, but also a bass machine from Mars. Although from LA, he stopped through Philly’s Weekly Mad Decent party a few weeks back so I’ve actually gotten a chance to see this monster live, and believe you me, he is quite a monster. In case his tracks aren’t intense enough, he took the stage with nothing but an iPad and proceeded to rock the ears and hearts of everyone in the building. Recommended for those of you who enjoy being tied down to just one little genre.

Salva – Issey Miyake

Salva – Policy

NastyNasty… lives up to his name. Is there any other way to explain? Fusing a mix of dub, crunk, and bass into his carefully crafted tracks, this CA producer not only has an impressive repertoire of sounds but a fantastic sense of humor. Check out his page for tracks upon tracks plus links to a ton a EPs he’s put out.

NastyNasty – Acid Hangover

NastyNasty – Apoligizes

So What is a different kind of producer, producing killer tracks for different hop artists along with his own bass-infused tracks. Along with NastyNasty, he is half of Quitter, yet another outfit that produces a completely unique style of music.

Tree – Its Me (Produced by So What)

So What – Motivation (W3T Edit)

Quitter – Gold Bracelets


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