Published on September 28th, 2012

Last week, KFN was moving with the sounds of WIN WIN, a group consisting of three artists who have already made names for themselves in the business. The collaboration of  XXXchange (an original member of Spank Rock), DJ Chris Devlin (from Devlin & Darko), and Ghostdad released their first self-titled album earlier this year on Vice Music. Their psych-dance feel combined with visuals provided listeners with an all out electronic music performance. Flowing transitions between each track allowed the crowd to easily follow them from a melodic trance into a foot tapping, heavy beat like in their single “Salt Days”. As a special treat for his fellow Philadelphians, Naeem Juwan, MC of Spank Rock, dropped in on a couple tracks. WIN WIN’s new album entitled Double Vision will be released October 16th and as a second single, the band presented us with a second single called “After the Wait.”

Here’s the teaser for WIN WIN’s upcoming album release!

And a personal favorite of TNP with guest vocalist, Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, called “Interleave”.


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