Visual Artist: Matt Deifer,

Published on January 24th, 2012

Chances are, if you’ve been to any local EDM shows recently, you’ve probably seen beautiful girls dancing around, covered in the brightest neon paint your eyes have ever seen. You can’t miss ’em, since the pigments are designed to catch the eye…and the mastermind behind it all – Matt D of – sure knows how to turn these brilliant colors into some serious eye-candy.

The Interview

TNP: When did you first start bodypainting, and how did you get into it?

Matt D: I got my bodypainting start working in my studio at the Tiberino Museum in October 2011. At the time, I was working on a new series of UV/3D canvas paintings. I painted one of my friends with UV paint as part of a totally random experiment and it turned out great. The next morning, I posted on Facebook that I just created my first bodypainting and a bunch of my friends were really into the idea. Later that week I got an email from a Playboy model asking me to do a full bodypainting on her for a Halloween costume contest. I hired another bodypainter to help me and she won… and I never looked back. Bodypainting instantly became a huge part of my life.

TNP: What type of events do you do and how did you get into painting for EDM shows?

Matt D: It was a natural progression for me. I started painting live at all types of different events back in 2001. I painted strictly on canvas though. During my first year as a bodypainter, I painted live at venues like the DC Armory, the TLA in Philly, the Brooklyn Masonic Temple and underground warehouses. I also work in the studio on the regular and create full bodypaintings complete with professional photo-shoots.

TNP: What are your 2 favorite events so far, EDM and otherwise?

Matt D: That is a really, really hard question to answer. I’d probably have to go with the Great Went and Camp Bisco IV. Both of those events hold a very special place in my heart.

TNP: What materials do you use?

Matt D: I use many different brands of professional make-up and glitter. Some companies make the best white. Some make the best UV. Some make the best gold.

TNP: Tell me a bit about yourself as an artist…

Matt D: I prefer to improvise my artwork but I have been trained to paint anything from the human figure to landscapes and everything in between. I love to clear my mind right before I start painting and see what flows off the brush. My main influences in art come from Wassilly Kandinsky’s improvisations and Wolf Reicherter’s UV bodypaintings.

TNP: Like to give any shout-outs?

Matt D: Shout out to the Tiberinos, Lawren/Noah/Tom from Gallery ML, Ruxbin and the Actual Records Family, The New Philadelphians, Schwei and Rae and the Funtown crew, Clay Parnell, James Flames and the Rebel Bingo crew, Dave from Independent Philly, Bryan Karl Lathrop AND Joe Norris for supporting all my crazy Bodypaint.Me adventures!


For more info on Matt, check out his personal portfoliobodypainting website and his marketing and talent agency.

Also, be sure to like his personalcompany, and agency’s Facebook pages to stay up to date on exclusive current/future bodypainting events!


*Photo credits go to Matt D, Joe No Photo, and Nicky Digital.



  1. Posted by T'bor Szente on January 25th, 2012, 11:06 [Reply]

    Great artist, great work!

  2. Posted by Matt on January 26th, 2012, 15:46 [Reply]

    Thanks T’bor Szente! Great name BTW!


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