VELOUR ROUND 2: Friday June 14th Featuring Ethyene

Published on June 13th, 2013

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VELOUR IS BACK!! We had such a good time at Table 31 the last time around that we decided to do it all over again, but with a new twist. This time we’re doing an outdoor, happy hour beach boogie extravaganza complete with drink specials, the best music around and all for NO COVER. That’s right, just walk right up and have a drink with us while we enjoy another beautiful evening in Philly.

Our headliner tomorrow is another young up-and-comer in the middle of his first trip to the US! Ethyene (aka Etienne Pierron) is a 20 year old DJ and producer from Lyon, France that specializes in the type of deep, soulful House music we’ve come to love so well. I sat down to talk with Etienne about his first gigs in the US, his roots as a producer, and what tracks we might hear during his set on Friday.

Mike: Will Friday’s performance at Velour be your first gig in the US?

Etienne: No, it’s my second. My first gig was last Sunday at Vango Nightclub. It went perfect, and I’m happy to be over here for the first time!

Mike: We’re excited to have you out to play Velour in Philly on Friday. I was reading on your Facebook page that you started producing at a very young age, only 16 years old. Did you learn any other instruments before that?

Etienne: Yes, I started learning music for four years but there wasn’t really a first instrument. I started learning the guitar a little and the trumpet a little as well. Music was always everything to me, I always wanted to make it and electronic music was the perfect place for me to start. You know, you don’t really have to know an instrument or music very well to get started, but you can learn it as you go and at your own pace.

Mike: What were your early influences? Were there certain artists that you heard as a kid that made you realize right away you wanted to start making house music?

Etienne: I discovered house music with Daft Punk. That was the first time I really realized how much I loved it. Then I started discovering more French labels like Ed Banger and  I loved what guys like Mr. Oizo and DJ Medhi were doing at the time. From there I started discovering more and more. After that, I started to look a little more to the roots of house music, Chicago DJs like Paul Johnson. Once I heard that, it confirmed that house music was really what I wanted to do.

Mike: Your career is still very young, but you’ve already shared the stage in France with a lot of big names including Tekki Latex, Cassius, Kavinsky and others who helped pave the way for today’s younger producers. Did you ever expect that level of success so quickly? Was it ever an overwhelming experience for you?

Etienne: It definitely helped me to appreciate the music on a new level and made me want to push myself further. I realized through working with people like that how much more there is to explore, and it helps me to understand new ways that the music and rhythm and everything can work together. It was humbling.

Mike: Have you changed up your style of production much since you started?

Etienne: In the beginning I was more into making techno, like the Detroit style. But now I’ve turned more towards the Deep House, Chicago style. I tried to keep the same style from when I started, but always adding different varieties of sounds and production tricks.

Mike: Recently the trend in House music has been going back to that deep house, 90s style you mentioned. What are your impressions about that, and have you changed up your style to adjust at all?

Etienne: I think that it’s awesome that house music is starting to develop itself more and that a bigger audience is starting to pay attention. It’s more included in mainstream beats now, and thanks to the internet people really get a chance to listen to a ton of different producers and discover new talent all the time. Plus I love deep house, so if more people start making it I say that’s great!

Mike: Can you give us a few record labels to look out for this year?

Etienne: Hot Creations, my label Soulman Music, and Items & Things are a few that I really like right now.

Mike: What are your favorite tracks to play out at the moment?

Etienne: Dj Rasoul – Bluenote, Jamie Jones – Moan and Groan, Kruse & Nuernberg – Talking About… (Ft. Adana Twins), Darius Syrossian & Hector Couto – House is House, Ethyène – Mindless World and so many more!

So come out tomorrow and see what the young Frenchman has in store for us. See you there!


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