Turn My Mic Up! Saturdays

Published on January 28th, 2012

Saturdays are about to get even better. My name is Andre of Wash Pahpin and this is Turn My Mic Up Saturdays. At one point I was going to write something really inspiring and captivating to introduce myself but then I remembered it’s really all about the music. If you haven’t already noticed we’ll be talking about hip hop, rap, and anything else I see fit to write about. I hope that I can keep you all entertained by these post so lets start this off right and proper this is PHILLY right?

Photo via Allflamerz.com

Chill Moody – WHITE POWER (prod. Wes Manchild)

This is Philly’s own Chill Moody I first saw him live at last years Sneaker Pimps and he was one of the few acts that made me not want to shoot myself along with Kendrick Lamar of course.

More Chill Moody here



Houston has a lot of great new things coming in its future and these two are definitely apart of the reason.


Download OZ’s recent tape HERE

and Asa’s HERE
Via The Up Turn

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O and Free Max B


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