Toro Y Moi leaves his mark @ Union Transfer

Published on February 14th, 2013

“We were at The Church, Now we’re here,” Chaz Bundick remarks to a near sold out Union Transfer crowd. It’s true. Bundick, better known by his pen name Toro Y Moi, played at The First Unitarian Church nearly 18 months ago, at a time when Philadelphia was getting over Hurricane Irene and Union Transfer wasn’t even open for business yet. Back in September 2011, Toro Y Moi was not yet recognized as the dream pop pioneer that he is today.

Fast forward, Bundick stands among what looks like four lighted window blinds, as the colors endure dynamic changes throughout the set, catching the crowd in different feels. When things get going and the crowd is adjusting from the rasta-influenced Wild Belle to Bundick’s boogie-pop (no intentions to sound coarse), the shades are a solid patriotic red and blue. When Toro bumps his newest single “Say That,” the window blind lights resemble a fresh Andes Mint green, as everyone gets drunk-legs and grabby-hands. Just as everyone is starting to fleece the idea of whether or not they had too many Miller High Lifes, Toro’s blinds were an LA Gear blue and pink.

Toro Y Moi’s set was a story best told in two parts. The first saga entailed tracks from Bundick’s latest album Anything In Return, such as “Rose Quartz,” “High Living,” “Studies,” and the aforementioned “Say That.” The South Carolina native stood up at his throne with a smirk, he knows the Philly crowd is picking up the new material he is putting down.

The second half consisted of Bundick pulling out tracks from the old playbook, 2011’s Underneath The Pine. His track “Elise,” delivered what sounded like elements of an electro-jug band, think 1960’s psychedelic jug-blowing surrounded by a Berlin Wall of synth and bass driven chillwave.

In an old converted spaghetti warehouse on Spring Garden Street, Toro Y Moi left thousands satisfied. “This is a big place, this is crazy,” Bundick said. You’re right Chaz, it was crazy.

Photo credit: Chip Colson

Toro Y Moi: “Say That-DaM-FunK Re-Freak”


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