The Menagérie vol. 4

Published on February 5th, 2012

There’s going to be a DJ Idol, based on the hit 10+ season running American Idol series. The project is headed by none other than Simon Cowell, who claims that “DJ’s are the new rock stars”. Let it sink in, please. The mau5 commented, saying, “I’m still not convinced on how to ‘judge’ a DJ on a ‘DJ talent show’ … unless of course we’re going for original productions / performance and methodology / presentation – as opposed to 2 CDJ’s a mixer, and all the same songs we’ve all heard a million times. Here’s to hoping that this new DJ show thing brings some originality and creativity to a very stagnant misconception of electronic dance music.” It’s happening, and whether or not you like it, the competition is only going to get harder.


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