The Brain-Fried High: Part I

Published on February 18th, 2012

It’s already the afternoon, you’ve been hitting snooze for the past hour, attempting to avoid the throbbing hangover from the night before.  The secret for curing the next day hangover: 2 Tylenol, a warm cup of green tea and some good tunes. Any details from the previous night are a blur thanks to that excessive amount of booze and contraband, and now you must allow your temporarily fried brain to recover.  In this foggy state, all you can process are sounds that will help you smoothly cruise through your day in the luxury of your own comfort.  So please, I invite you to kick back and enjoy this hazzy-dazzy loop with the following playlists:



Gosh, what is it about the producers from France these days?  Among these elite few is the 21-year old French electronic producer, Pyramid, who dropped his EP, “Rising Day” this past November.  I must say, this EP is inspired from the best of French electronic music with its own retro-futuristic explosions of bleeping synths, glitch rock, and vibrating basslines.  Its as though Pyramid has built from the greats of the futuristic synths of Daft Punk, the glitch-textures of Justice, and the high impact energy of Vitalic.  Furthermore, he establishes a unique hybrid of genres by mixing flavors of old-school synth pads and chillwave riffs, as well as classical components of synthesized piano arpeggios. On a track-to-track basis, listeners embody a head-banging high-electronic hypnosis from these exciting sounds that tingle your senses.



Foxes- Youth (Pyramid Remix)



Honom is a new solo project from Swedish producer, Sebastian Uzieblo.  I stumbled upon his recent jam, “Bedcat”, and found his progressive nu-disco swag delightfully bubbly.  Honom tactfully assembles his compositions together via compiling loops of chopped-up synthesized chord progressions, gritty synth melodies and basslines.  His poppy- synth concoction of retro-nu-disco and house is perfectly mind- numbing.


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Gesaffelstein   – Into The Zone (Tsugi Sampler 48)

Just because I love Gesaffelstein and because this is a wonderful mixtape to start off your day!


Oh, and don’t forget the Tylenol and  tea!



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