The Blackfires @ Legendary Dobbs Saturday, June 2nd

Published on May 29th, 2012

There is a Rock n’ Roll famine in the music world today due to the domination of the electronic music scene. However, if you’re looking for an organic head banging session, you must check out The Blackfires.

Based in New York City, members of The Blackfires hail from across the globe, including Leeds, Moscow, Beirut, Israel, and New York. Even though they extend from different nationalities, they come together to serve one purpose: To bring Rock back to the streets by means of their heavy, hard, metallic, and face melting tunes. Their sound has been defined as “a potent cocktail combining sonic elements from Guns n Roses, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, and The Darkness.” Such a concoction could only be intoxicatingly delicious.

A Blackfires concert is a hard rock circus. Their shows are storms of deep-cutting, swashbuckling tunes. Searing and crunching guitar riffs, duels, and solos from Anthony Mullin and Chris Daou fill the venue, as the raw, “King Shit of Fuck Mountain” singing power of Andrey “Cheggi” Chegodaev raptures the crowd. Expect to find audience members head-banging, moshing, raving, and grooving. The Blackfires have also been known to cover Led Zeppelin at their shows. When I saw them perform at Fontana’s in New York City, they ended their show that night with Zeppelin’s Rock And Roll.

This is an exciting time for The Blackfires in their history as a band. To be a part of this moment, even as a listener and concert-attendant, is an honor and privilege. Their story has only just begun, and it is still being written. That means absolutely anything is possible for them as a band. And from the looks of it, there isn’t a single power on this planet that can stop The Blackfires now.

For all you Philadelphians ready to accept the unique challenge of attending a Blackfires concert event, the band is playing in Philadelphia this weekend, on Saturday, June 2nd, to kick ass and rock out the City of Brotherly Love at The Legendary Dobbs. This will be the first time that The Blackfires perform in Philly. Their debut concert event begins at 10pm. Guaranteed to deliver a true rock n’ roll hangover, fasten your seatbelts for The Blackfires.


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