Savoir Adore: Interview + Playing The Blockley Tomorrow Night

Published on March 7th, 2012

With an experimental approach to their writing and recording, Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro weave a magical musical tapestry with their distinct voices, lush harmonies, and wild sonic palette. Somewhere between dream pop and adventure wave, their songs transport you to a world that is both foreign and warmly familiar.

The above description of Savoir Adore could not be more spot on. The duo’s blend of pop, electro, and some kind of -wave is perfectly accessible yet delightfully full. They just released the EP Dreamers, which featured remixes by Body Language and Xaphoon Jones. The New Philadelphia had the chance to chat with Paul and Deidre via email to see what they’ve been up to, you can find our interview below.

Savoir Adore will be performing as a part of the Neon Gold Tour tomorrow night (3/7) at the Blockley. The show starts at 9pm and tickets are $10 in advance.

[vimeo 11405321 w=525]

The interview

TNP: How do you two know each other? For how long?
Savoir Adore: We met while attending NYU, since around 2004.

TNP: Who plays what?
SA: We both play a bit of everything for the recordings, although Deidre’s drumming is truly experimental

TNP: Where do you record/who do you record with?
SA: We do all of our recording about an hour north of NYC at Paul’s parents house, and we do it all ourselves.

TNP: You have a great raw sound. Any whacky recording techniques?
SA: Thank you! Put the two of us in a room with a a few mics and let it roll. Seriously though, wacky recording techniques are a big part of our experimental creative process – we are always slamming doors, overdubbing ocean sounds, putting microphones in odd places, etc.

TNP: What has it been like working with Neon Gold?
SA: Really great – they are true electro-pop soothsayers and Derek is one hell of a shuffleboard player.

TNP: What is the writing process like for you guys?
SA: It’s pretty exciting – we are always writing in different ways, which is one of the main goals of this collaboration. Sometimes we will jam for 30 minutes with room mics on, then go back and listen for moments that were magical. Sometimes Paul will email me a :20 demo of a guitar riff, and I’ll write a melody at my apartment. Sometimes a nugget will sit on the computer and be gradually worked on for 2 years before we finish it (which is how our recent single “Dreamers” came about).

TNP: Where/when/what do you snack on?
SA: Wow, big question. Anywhere/all the time/yums?

TNP: Who inspires you both?
SA: Jack White, The Beatles

TNP: Do you write while you tour?
SA: We actually haven’t toured that much, but no, not really. Most of our writing is done in the studio while simultaneously recording.

TNP: Do you make friends easy while touring?
SA: If they’re nice people, yes.

TNP: Do you party hard?
SA: Let’s just put it this way – every now and then, Paul’s alter ego “Party Paul” comes out to play.

TNP: Tea or coffee?
SA: Coffee.

TNP: What are your favorite books?
SA: Paul’s current favorite – Roald Dahl “Danny and the Champion of the World”

TNP: What’s the best place to go to listen to your music?
SA: Anywhere!


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