Reso: Breakin’ It Up

Published on January 12th, 2011

Electronic music continues to accumulate its grime with the colossal explosion of dubstep across America’s music and dance scene.  However, the UK, home to this sub-electronic genre, proves to still be the filthiest spot for wobbling.  Dubstep pioneers such as Benga, Rusko, Caspa, and Skream all have emerged from the darkness of London.  Among these groundbreaking artists is 27 year-old Alex Melia aka Reso, who has been churning out some of the most brutal beats.  Reso’s material is densely layered, dark and grimy dubstep that features tints of techno and metal.

In his earlier years, hitting the skins for a number of bands, Melia’s boyhood dream was to be a drummer in a jazz band.   The aggressive percussive motifs of breakbeat have heavily influenced this young Londoner’s sound, but it was the emergent dubstep scene that really captured his imagination and offered him a blank canvas.  Today, Melia has been pouring his maniacal energy and love of breakbeats into his dubstep/breaks/techno productions. “I started making beats in 2002 when I got a PC and a bunch of cracked software,” recounts Melia. “I was generally making whatever kind of music I was in the mood for, but it usually turned into tear out breaks and drum and bass for some reason.”

A versatile producer and talented DJ, Reso is a rising star, gaining worldwide recognition for his technoid inspired productions, which often transcends the dubstep tag that many have easily labeled him into.  Reso’s popular remix of “The Dubstitutes 2 Faced Rasta (Dubting)” has caught the likes of dubstep artists Benga and Rusko.  Reso even teamed up with Rusko last year to produce the track “Lick the Lizard”.

From chugging metal guitars, via pulsating techno echoes, deep into the bowels of haunting filtered sub bass workouts, Reso’s aural identity is densely layered, with rich musical texture and color, which truly distinguishes him from the minimal sparseness of many of his fellow producers.

Reso will certainly smash yer face in good.

Technetium by Reso

Otacon by Reso

Holograms by Reso

Reso Vs Vent – Rumble (Original Mix) by Reso

Smash Yer Face In by Reso



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