Poolside *Debut Album*: Pacific Standard Time

Published on July 9th, 2012

Turn on your speakers and warm up your ears, this one’s exciting folks. I have been subdued with baited breath – ever since Poolside released their remix of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” and their brief jaunt with The Rapture last October – waiting for this album and I could not be happier that it’s out, TODAY! These guys are sizzling. Their sound is elegant, full and chilled out, with just a dash of lazy afternoon sun. Don’t believe me, the entire album is available for streaming until July 17th on the fabulous KCRW.com!

Or listen away from their soundcloud:

“Daytime Disco” is what they call their genre, but it is well suited to play during those evening hours too. Last month, Poolside bestowed upon us a video for their single, “Slow Down”, which received glowing reviews for its unique sound and its clear roots in the SoCal pool party attitude. “The drank-disco single from L.A. duo Poolside. With glossy synths that seem to hit in slow-mo”. (Pitchfork)

Then I heard “Next To You” on the radio while driving down the freeway and could not help but turn it up to max and become immersed in their landscape of funk rhythms and catchy vocals. Pacific Standard Time is a debut of debuts, and there is no doubt in my mind Filip Nikolic Jeffrey Paradise will be invading speakers all over the market very soon.

Best part, you can get the album on Poolside Music for $5! That’s not a deal, that’s a steal.

Tracklist: (*’s for mah favorites)

1. Tulsa
2. Next To You*
3. Why You Wanna*
4. Harvest Moon
5. Slow Down
6. Take Me There
7. Kiss You Forever
8. Do You Believe*
9. Give It A Rest*
10. Can’t Get You Off My Mind
11. Just Fall In Love
12. California Sunshine
13. Golden Hour
14. Between Dreams
15. Without You
16. Take Me Home


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