PHOTOS: TNP’s Rave From the Grave 10/28/11

Published on October 31st, 2011

Halloween weekend is over. And boy, did it climax. We went later than anyone in the city. The New Philadelphia’s own Bo Peep and Jeepers brought the party in hard with some sweet tribal bass, acid haus rainbow grooves, and nu-disco vibrations. Ben Arsenal, World Town Philly champ, dropped his brand new funk all over the place. Ruxbin of threw down his vinyl and kept it going before BHB and Cap’N Harry took the stage, smashing through their new collabs. The Rebel Bingo crew rolled through at about 2AM in time to catch Udachi’s horrifyingly killer set. Bass. Brains. Gore. The Trouble & Bass mastermind had the crowd doing very, very raunchy things. DJ Sega came through to kick it, and we shared a couple ports while Adrian Hardy and Tommy Up rocked out to PLS DNT STP’s heavy finishing set. Sex Cult invasion. The crowd was nutty. The costumes were fantastic. The location was super-secret. The beer was good. There are few words that can describe an awesome party as such. Maybe these will bring back some memories.



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