Oo-Da-Chee EP

Published on February 21st, 2012

Our good friend of Trouble & Bass, Udachi (pronounced Oo-Da-Chee), has just dropped his new EP on Party Like Us Records. After he headlined our Rave from the Grave on 2 Street this past Halloween I was begat a whole new level of respect for him. The man has a ton of class, while simultaneously knowing how to throw down some sweet dirty beats. He’s gone on to play at the Trouble & Bass Night in Philly at the Barbary – and you can check out some of those pics here. We can’t wait to have him back again. Congrats, man!

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Udachi – Put Down De Gun
2. Udachi – Shaolin Slum 2000
3. Udachi – Animal Haus
4. Udachi ft. MC Subverse – To The Death
5. Udachi – Learned Astronomer
6. Udachi – Put Down De Bong

These guys had this to say once they heard the EP:

Switch: “yep will def be using fire boom” 5/5

Benga: “put down de gun is sick!” 5/5

Aquasky: “UDACHI IS FUCKING AWESOME!!! i look forward to getting these fatdrops. I could listen to a CD of his musical breakdowns edited together for like a whole day..! for a junglist like me who grew up on this music, udachi is a boss boy!” 5/5

Ooah (Glitch Mob): “Killerrrrrrr!” 4/5

Drop the Lime: “put down de gun is a baaaaangggerrrr! full support over here.” 4/5


Heavyfeet: “Put Down The Gun is an absolute fucking MONSTER and Animal Haus is completely fucking MENTAL. You simply cannot put any of these tracks in a box or predict what’s going to happen next, They’re all superb!” 5/5

Reid Speed (Play Me): “diverse and a ton of fun! great ep all around!” 4/5

But let us know what YOU think!


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