Nick Waterhouse @ Johnny Brenda’s

Published on October 10th, 2012

Last Wednesday, Johnny Brenda’s hosted Nick Waterhouse and Allah-Las, two west coast acts with some serious talent. The soundscapes that each band created enabled such breathtaking imagery. Allah-Las performed with a sound that was mellow and yet haunting at the same time with sort of blues overtones. It seemed to bring different decades of music into one, perplexingly  simple sound. This energy started the night perfectly, and ceded to dissipate until their finale at the very end of the evening when they joined the stage with Nick Waterhouse.

It seemed impossible for the room to stand still once Nick Waterhouse and his incredible band took the stage. Their performance created such a wonderfully soulful vibe which seems hard to find in much of today’s music. Nick Waterhouse has a “Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound on horse steroids” thing, and can impressively pull off such a sound live, as well as on his recordings. His instrumentation is phenomenal – it’s not too intricate, however, it is very disciplined. Stunning backup vocals compliment the full sound of each instrument coming together. Check out the EP released earlier this year, Time’s All Gone, to get your own personal feel.


“Say I Wanna Know” filmed live from Johnny Brenda’s by Seth Klinger




Photos and video by Seth Klinger

Written by Andrew Rohe and Lauren Stieff


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