New Remix: Etnik “Quarantine”

Published on July 20th, 2012

One of my personal favorite Techno creators, Etnik, released a remix of “Quarantine” by Berlin punk band Bonaparte.  Uploaded only an hour ago, the remix takes the vocals of lead singer Tobias Jundt and places them upon a beautiful layer of dark, eerie bass lines associated with Etnik‘s style.  However, the BPM drops a bit at the break and gets into a little techno-dubstep, which, I know, sounds weird but it truly does add to the creepy vibe of the song.  I’ve had this track on repeat since it’s release, if you’re a fan of dark and sexy techno noises then I feel you’ll do the same.  Enjoy!

Bonaparte- Quarantine (Etnik remix)


Bonaparte- Quarantine


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