New Album: Hot Chip

Published on June 13th, 2012

Hot Chip‘s new album In Our Heads, is the fifth creation of the London-based electronic/indie band we all know and love so well.  In Our Heads comprises the usual up-tempo, dance-worthy sounds of classic Hot Chip (ex: Made In The Dark’s “Shake A Fist“) with more relaxed somber sounds such as their first single off the album, “Flutes.”  The album is masterfully perfected; each track evokes an entirely new feeling for the listener that bounces from ethnic electronica (see “These Chains”) to sexy vocals from Alexis Taylor that eerily resonate Prince (see “Look At Where We Are”).  The band has always been capable of such dichotomous sounds, and continues to prove their versatility through tracks such as “Night and Day” (pun intended).  Listen to some below and if you’re able to gather your change, purchase the digital album on Amazon for a mere $5.




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