New Album from Cat Power

Published on September 3rd, 2012

If you’re familiar with the raspy, yet angelic, voice of Cat Power, then you are surely aware that her music typically resonates  melancholy, angst, and intense emotion layered over folk/indie guitar chords and piano keys.  However, her new album Sun, which is to be released tomorrow, is anything but heart-wrenching.  Her first release in over 6 years, Georgia native Chan Marshall has created an album full of uptempo drum beats, synths, and well… sun.  Marshall produced the album herself, which only furthers my deep appreciation for her talent and creativity.  Honestly, though I sincerely adore her previous albums, this one catches my youthful ears in that it caters to society’s current fascination with synthetic sounds.  There aren’t many tracks available online yet but NPR released a sneak preview of the album in it’s entirety, which you can catch here (do it, srsly).  Here are some of my favorites, hope ya like!





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