Metronomy Back In Philly

Published on January 27th, 2012

If you put together Bloc Party, Brian Eno, then sent them off to space, you would probably end up with something that sounded like Metronomy. Forming in England around the early 2000’s, this band has been making great waves over in the U.K and has grabbed the attention of the states with their newest album, The English Riviera. Progressing from experimental and rough electronic pop in their earlier albums, The English Riviera offers smooth and polished melodies coated with funk and psychedelic rhythms. Each song from the album flows seamlessly together making you feel like you’re floating through a starscape at one moment then sitting along a beachside the next.

Time for Philly to show these Brits some love when they come to the TLA on March 28th!


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