Magnetic Fields + Bachelorette @ Union Transfer 3/7/12

Published on March 23rd, 2012

The other week I scored a ticket to the sold out Magnetic Fields concert at Union Transfer. Opening up for them was the lovely Bachelorette. Her dream-like music completely matched her dainty presence on stage. “Is there, um, anyway I could get softer lighting on stage? I really should have done this during sound check,” said Bachelorette in such a timid and polite way when mixed with her New Zealand accent, that it had the crowd chuckling with affection. Bachelorette, Annabel Alpers, played a good mix of old and new tracks including “My Electric Husband” and “Grow Old With Me.”

After Bachelorette, the floor filled up quickly, and everyone was ready and eager for Magnetic Fields. When the group started walking out, whispers of “oh my gosh” and screams of excitement were all around me. Magnetic Fields played a lot of songs from their new album, Love at the Bottom of the Sea, but also fed the crowd lots of their old hits. All the members of the band kept up witty banter in between songs keeping the show light in contrast to some of their heavy-hearted songs. “Play something from Holiday!” screamed someone in the audience. “Shut up,” replied Stephen Merritt without skipping a beat, which was hilarious. When their set finished, the crowd did not even budge, cheering until the group played a great encore. If Magnetic Fields ever tour again in the future, be sure to  go and get your ticket quick because they are a show not at all to be missed.

You can check out more photos from the show here.


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