Justice @ the Electric Factory 3/20/12

Published on March 24th, 2012

Oh man. Justice has been one of my favorite groups since I saw them at the Electric Factory in 2008 with DJ Mehdi (RIP). And last week they returned. The new album, Civilization, had received mixed reviews. It didn’t have the same french-electro feel as Cross did, but instead the duo focused on composing catchy, retro-esque rock n’ roll tunes. But, what happens when you combine the two? As I walked in at 9PM, a little outraged by the early-in-the-evening-on-a-Tuesday nature of the desevedly epic show, I prayed to the gods of dance music that they wouldn’t focus too heavily on the new album. That they would play all of the songs from the original album that I love so much. That maybe, just maybe, they would completely mash the two albums up – creating a new piece of work in front of my eyes. And heck, MAYBE they even PLANNED it that way from the get-go.

I have no way of knowing whether they had actually planned it while writing Civilization, but they did it. And it rocked.

Gaspaurd and Xavier took the stage as we rushed into the massing crowd of the sold-out show. Our crew had placed bets on what the opening song would be – and somehow none of us guessed that after a rock-n-roll anthem Star Spangled banner the french superstars would drop Genesis all over our faces like it was 2008. From there they went on to flawlessly mix the two albums together. They mashed up Phantom Pt. II and Audio, Video, Disco. Back and forth. The signature two 9-stacks of fake Marshall amps lit up with LEDs as the stage opened and revolved, revealing a brightly lit organ for Gaspaurd and Xavier each to respectively perform solos. Stress came on and the stage seethed a brooding red as spinning beams of light washed over the crowd. The energy was super high – and at one point, the two of them froze. The music stopped. All of the lights on the stage froze, as if time was standing still. And there, through the waving, cheering fans, glistening with sweat and anticipation, stood Xavier and Gaspaurd, pointing towards the sky over the crowd, unmoving. Needless to stay, it was a great performance. They even threw in a sweet sample from “” just to keep us on our toes.

Yeah, it could have been longer. After a unanimous encore their set ended at 10:30 sharp, just under 90 minutes. I would have stayed til 3AM – and most of us were left unsatisfied, but only because we wanted MORE JUSTICE. The set was sick and I can’t wait to see what ingenious material they come out with next.


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