Justice – On’n’On Remix EP

Published on January 31st, 2012


With 2012 having just kicked off, its always exciting to see Justice has already released material, despite the fact that in reality, none of this material is really that new. “On’n’On” is the third single from the duo’s second album, Audio, Video, Disco, released last September, following “Civilization” as well as the titular track. This track however, might be my favorite of the three. “Civilization” was a good Justice track, although after 3 years, definately lacked a certain heaviness I think we’d all hope and expect expect from a comeback. “Audio, Video, Disco” didn’t do much for me, and while sounding melodically pleasing, needed more movement and, in my opinion, was in dire need of being in halftime (Or at least contain a breakdown). “On’n’On”, however, sounds truly like a reinvention track. They still sound like Justice, but Justice if they existed about 40 years. It is a true change from their older style and while the decision between this sound and their old school bass poppin’ synth driven ed-banger-core is still a no brainer, I can really appreciate what they did with this track. I feel as if it would be played at the incarceration ceremony for the Barenstein Bears after the intergalactic space police finally captured them. And for those of you still not used to my outrageous metaphors, don’t worry: in time it will all make sense.

Justice – On’n’On

As for the rest of the EP, it has its highs and lows. Rick Rubin‘s “Runied” remix of the track was decent, giving it a funky disco-esque feel and adding a long percussive break, although neither of these points can overshadow the looming fact that I’m pretty sure that flanged-out cymbal hit is present at the beginning of every bar of the song, something I am not a fan of. After this comes a couple remixes of “Canon”, the original of which I think should have been included on the EP, only for comparisons sake, as I didn’t even realize it wasn’t an “On’n’On” remix right away. Erol Alkin‘s remix was good, taking the original line and bringing it in much needed other directions and contained some of the grit I was hoping for more of in a Justice EP. The Tiga remix was decent as well, although like the remix prior, didn’t have enough good source material from the original track to shine. The final track is Video Village‘s remix of “On’n’On”, an ambient funky take on the original with some tasty piano and guitar added for flavor. While I still cant say if its better than the original, it is a true stylistic departure and I think that counts for a lot in a remix.

Justice – On’n’On (Ruined by Rick Rubin)

Justice – Canon (Tiga Remix)

The EP was released Jan 27 (or Jan 30 depending on the website, oddly enough) and can be purchased on iTunes.


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