Justice’s New Album Tracklist Announced

Published on July 2nd, 2011

Since the release of “Civilization” in March, us Justice fans have been left in the abyss, waiting for the release of their second upcoming album. The French-duo spoke with French magazine Tsugi in a “massive interview… about the success of their first record and…their state of mind during the preparation of the new release.” (Merci to P4K) However, we must wait until July 5th for this interview to be released.

Second albums are notoriously tricky pursuits, easily falling into those tempting traps for self-indulgence; some may argue that this occurred with the release of Deadmau5 recent album, but I hope this is not the case with Justice.  Here is a quote from Tim Xavier’s interview with NME about Justice’s recording process, open for interpretation, “It took us a long time to learn all the equipment… We spent about six months just getting the place set up. So that held us back. We’d look for equipment online, then send away for it, then we’d have to read the manual, then if we didn’t like it we’d send it back…”

I have confidence that they’ve been invested in exercising their musical perfectionism, and consider it to be a good indicator that they have yet to announce the name for the album. It’s always worth the wait to leave fans in suspense!

For now, we can only infer from the tracklist titles themselves:

1. Horsepower
2. Civilization
3. Ohio
4. Canon (Interlude)
5. Canon
6. On’n’on
7. Brianvision
8. Parade
9. Newlands
10. Helix
11. Audio, Disco, Video


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