Jedi Mind Tricks @ Union Transfer 2/4/12

Published on February 10th, 2012

Last Saturday I had the eye opening experience of seeing Jedi Mind Tricks live at Union Transfer. I arrived to the show a bit late, but just in time to catch the end of opener Diabolic’s set. Performing songs from his most recent album Liar & A Thief this rapper from New York really got the crowd going. At one point Diabolic, Sean George, rapped freestyle for ten straight minutes. His style was similar to Jedi Mind Tricks’: raw and aggressive, and lyrically he was a genius. At one point he dropped the line “I could probably inspire Gandhi to beat you to death”, which made the place go wild.

When Jedi Mind Tricks finally came out the crowd was ready and the everyone went nuts.  As soon as Vinnie Paz started rapping a mosh pit formed, matching the aggression and energy the group showed on stage. They started off with tracks from their earlier work such as the classics “Heavenly Divine” and “Heavy Metal Kings”. They later performed songs from their newest album, Violence Begets Violence, including a crowd favorite “Design in Malice”.  JMT interacted with the audience throughout their whole show. Towards the end, the rappers split the crowd in two sides and had us scream lines they provided, battling with people on the opposite side of the room trying to see which section could get more hype. JMT did an awesome job making the audience apart of the show and their whole set was high energy with multiple hype men on stage. Overall, JMT did not disappoint successfully delivering their classic gritty beats with a raw and rugged manor.



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