Introducing: ‘Maxxx Flair’

Published on June 5th, 2012

We all have a story to tell, but each person chooses to tell his story in a distinguished way.  My good friend, Josh Harris, has been exercising his artistic expression through his passion in hip-hop music, undergoing his solo project, Maxxx Flair.  As a New Yorker, Josh has established his unique rhythmical and lyrical swag, deriving inspiration from  some of the greats including Mathod Man, Mase, Nas, Jay-Z, Black Thought, Peedi Crakk, Outkast, Biggie, Big L, Big Pun, just to name a few.

Hip-hop has developed a unique role in modern society, particularly among the youth, with lyrical content that can provide profound guidance or superficial indulgences.  As stated by Josh, “music overall, has the power to influence one’s emotions, and that’s what makes it so prevalent globally.”  The trend remains the same in pop-culture, yet Josh is truly unique in his sincere interest in exploring other music genres to further expand his auditory knowledge.

The name “Maxxx Flair” stands for the survival of individualism, and the ability to maintain a consistent style across all genres of music.  In other words, it represents the power to stand out, especially during times when it can be all too alluring to simply give in.  “I do everything with Max effort and my approach is raw and uncut, I don’t like being pigeon holed or forced into labels.”  This is the organic attitude that drives Maxxx Flair to confidently trust his gut instincts and stand behind what he believes in.

Earlier this year, Maxxx Flair opened for the Lupe Fiasco concert at Franklin and Marshall College.  His music video “Show Me” features footage from the concert, which was one hell of a night. Check it out for yourselves below!

It’s great watching this upcoming artist’s growth as he continues to astonish the crowds with his catchy beats and poetic cleverness, which smoothly plays out to a particular rhythm reminiscent of the wild nights we all remember with a grin.


Stay tuned for the release of Maxxx Flair’s first LP, The Vault!











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