Hot Chip at the Electric Factory

Published on July 29th, 2012

Hot Chip graced Philadelphia with their vibrant presence last Saturday night at the Electric Factory to a stunned crowd. Much of their set consisted of their newest album In Our Heads. The album has signature Hot Chip sounds, but also adds other aspects of electronic music that the group has worked together to master. Surprisingly, the album gained inspiration from various artists like R Kelly, to classic icons like Prince. The show displayed this talent and variation immensely through the versatility of the artists consistent changing of instrumental roles. Transitions between songs were flawless as they flowed from one track to the next without missing a beat. One of their transitions flowed into a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s song “Everywhere” causing immense response from the energetic crowd. What I love most about Hot Chip’s music is the layering of vocals in every track they release. Each of the vocalists (lead by Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard) add a different element to their music making it that much more leveled and personal. Hearing the live show surpassed the already amazing In Our Heads, because they were able to add their own artistic alterations to the already memorized beats. Being able to identify with their music, while at the same time hearing their own take was truly beautiful, and awe inspiring. While Hot Chip may not be the most aesthetically typical band for this genre,¬† they create an environment that is all their own. One that is stimulating, liberated, and all out welcoming.

Here is a personal favorite from Hot Chip’s latest album In Our Heads titled “How Do You Do?”


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