Girls @ Union Transfer 1/12/12

Published on January 20th, 2012

Through a sea of plaid and flannel I made my way to the front of the stage in hopes of being within arm’s length of Christopher Owens, former religious cult member and lead singer of Girls. The show opened up with the very British, very young and very talented King Krule, who played an amazing set sending chill vibes throughout the crowd. Girls then came on and opened with the fun bob-up-and-down song “Honey Bunny,” then moved towards more emotionally heavy songs like “Vomit” and “Forgiveness.” The whole band played with such fervor that the audience was in a trance, looking like they never heard music before. “I like them so much better live,” someone in the crowed commented, and right they were. All the songs seemed so different when you could see how much the music meant to Owens and the other members of the group; I have never seen a band so passionate about every song. In addition, they had three female gospel singers on stage with them. An indie band and gospel singers? Someone should have thought of this sooner. The three ladies were jamming out in the back, totally hyping up the crowd and adding killer harmonies throughout the set. Perfection.

— Written by Ali Bennett


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