Ghost Society

Published on February 13th, 2011

In 2010, Ghost Society released their debut record, The Back of His Hands, Then The Palms. Natives of Copenhagen, Ghost Society is amongst several great new musical acts to have emerged from Denmark recently. Within the past few years, the country has seen the rise of many extraordinary musicians with great potential to influence a new direction of sound. Ghost Society is but one of these bands setting an exciting course for listeners.

The Back of His Hands, Then The Palms is the kind of album to find yourself lost in a moment with. It presents music that causes listeners to hope and dream of Ghost Society touring their country, or maybe of going to Denmark to see them perform. It practically invites itself to be played at gatherings, on rooftops, amongst friends at home, and to the collective unconscious.

One of the highlights of this record is “Better Days.” As a song, it is a fine representative of Ghost Society’s synth-glam-rock sound. It is also a perfect place to start getting into Ghost Society. Let the Danish Invasion begin.

Ghost Society – Better Days by morrisday


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