Get Lucky

Published on April 17th, 2013

We’re just over a month away from the official release of Daft Punk’s hotly anticipated fourth studio album, Random Access Memories, and already we’ve been forced to wade through what seems like an endless river of fake-outs and false “leaks” from the closely guarded LP. Aside from the official teasers and trailers released by the band mates themselves, it’s hard to tell which versions of the album’s first single ‘Get Lucky’ are legit and which are the concoctions of fans who have simply been deprived of new material from the funkiest robots we know for too long.

UPDATE: Link to the official video. (Finally)

Here are episodes 1 through 4 of The Creators Project look inside Random Access Memories. These interviews with dance music pioneers like Giorgio Moroder and Nile Rodgers reveal quite a bit about the process behind creating the album, as well as the amazing attention to detail demanded by Bangalter and de Homem-Christo. The most striking aspect of these videos to me is the reverence with which these accomplished artists talk about Daft Punk and their vision.  It really sounds like these musicians see Daft Punk as existing on another level of creativity, and that only makes me more anxious for the album’s official release on May 21st.



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