Fresh Fruit: Minimix Series w/ Ben Arsenal

Published on June 21st, 2012

In celebration of Worldtown‘s upcoming show with Balkan Beat Box (Sat. June 23 @ Blockley), I’d like to take you on a musical trip through a part of the world known as the “Balkans”. Known for their horn heavy and gypsy influenced sound, I put together a few tracks that take sounds from the region and added the twist of modern dance beats.


Balkan Beat Box- Hermetico (Original Mix)

Balkan Beat Box- Part of the Glory (Original Mix)

Shazalakazoo – Bang (bert On beats remix)

Sam Young – Fun Music (Original Mix)

Mak Pasteman – Mode (Original Mix)

Mjuzieek – Amada Mia (Sai Lika Remix)

Bicycle Corporation – Blkn (Flutuance Remix)


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