Florence + the Machine @ Festival Pier 6/20/11

Published on June 26th, 2011

Florence + the Machine played for a contented crowd on the river at Festival Pier on Monday night, June 20th. When the show began, it was not the intricate backdrop or flower-draped equipment that was first noticeable, but Florence herself. From the moment she twirled onto the stage, she was positively captivating.

The opener “My Boy Builds Coffins” was a powerful track that put the immediate central focus on Florence’s otherworldly voice. She had fantastic control, always knowing how to catch the music with her vocal and physical improvisations. As Florence and her band played a set mostly from 2009’s Lungs, she belted in time with the material’s organic heartbeat rhythms. Each song, while not overly analogous, sat around a pace just below dancing speed, where the audience could happily groove along to her inspired tales.

With her bight red hair, red lips, and billowing yellow dress, Florence was a siren on stage. Check out more pictures and a video from the show below. (video via The Swollen Fox)

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P.S. Thanks Dan!


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