First Look: Waya Waya – La Tribu EP

Published on February 20th, 2012

Waya Waya have been causing quite a stir in the Bass Music scene for a while now. Hailing from Aguascalientes, Mexico, the percussion-loving duo draws heavily on Angolan Kuduro, Colombian Cumbia, and Mexican Tribal Guarachero, crafting Tropical Bass heaters that leave you no choice but to shuffle like crazy. Their latest EP, La Tribu, is slated for a release on Isa GT‘s Etoro label on March 5th, and it may be some of their finest work yet.

“Waya Waya,” the EP’s leadoff track, is a 140 bpm Kuduro-wobble monstrosity that conjures shades of Buraka Som Sistema and Bert On Beats in its driving percussion and catchy flute line.

Flexing their range on second tune “Tradicion,” the duo goes airy, deep and (comparatively) minimal. The result is a great late-night, marimba-accented banger that’s already receiving support from the likes of LOL Boys and Solo.

And last but not least, the EP’s eponymous final track, “Tribu,” may prove to be the real standout: a squeaky Tribal Tech choon that ‘s sure to find common ground between Bass Heads and Techno junkies alike. It’s likely that we’ll be hearing a lot of it in the coming months.

Check out the hot-off-the-presses ~7.5 minute promo mix below! And be sure to grab the La Tribu EP off Juno Download when it drops on March 5th!

Waya Waya – La Tribu EP Preview


1. Waya Waya
2. Tradicion
3. Tribu

And here’s a bonus to tide y’all over until then!

Waya Waya – Natura (Original Mix)




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