Feed Me @ Union Transfer 4/7 Preview

Published on April 6th, 2012

Feed Me, aka Jon Gooch, the EDM mastermind behind projects such as Spor, Seventh Stitch, and more, will be joining us at Union Transfer this coming Saturday, April 7th. With. Big. TEETH. Feed Me has taken off in the states after Jon’s signing to Mau5trap and the release of his debut album, ‘Feed Me’s Big Adventure’. He is currently touring after the release of his 2nd followup EP titled, ‘Feed Me’s Escape from Electric Mountain’.  I seriously think his little green character needs a TV show with an awesome EDM fusion soundtrack and plenty of ridiculous space monsters. I’ve even heard that he’s been working on a full length album to take his listeners on the entire Feed Me journey. Sounds like an epic storyline is brewing if you ask me. Feed Me’s new aforementioned stage setup, TEETH, looks formidable to say the least. The visuals will be outrageous. Stay tuned for some dope photos.


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