Fade To Mind Drops Rizzla’s New EP… For Free

Published on April 10th, 2012

Kingdom‘s Fade To Mind imprint is at it again, this time dropping Massachusetts DJ and producer Rizzla‘s new, outstanding EP on their website as the second part of their “Official Bootleg” series. Which means it’s free!

And it’s a good one, too.

Vogue House-infused “Badmind HA,” a dark, cackling monster (one of the samples almost sounds like the final boss battle from Star Fox 64, in fact…) that takes my vote for favorite of the EP, tops the list, followed by the percussive, bell-filled “Church.” The Lil Kim sample and understated horns of the third track, “Dick” make it my second pick on the EP, and you can stream it below from Rizzla’s Soundcloud below. Finally, beautiful “Psychoton,” takes a Reggaeton rhythm and speeds it up to about 150 BPM, then contrasts it with airy vocals and harmonic swells.

DICK (free ep out now on FADE TO MIND) – rizzla_dj

Run over to Fade To Mind’s website to grab the EP now!


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