Daedelus w/ Samo Sound Boy, Ryan Hemsworth & Salva @ Underground Arts 3/3/13

Published on March 9th, 2013


A cold Sunday night at the beginning of March may not seem like the ideal night to pack people into
a club, but with a line-up this good it should come as no surprise that space on the Underground Arts
dance floor at was at a premium by the end of the night. Samo Sound Boy, Ryan Hemsworth, Salva and
Daedelus conspired to put on one hell of a show that won’t soon fade from our memory, so let’s relive
the night’s festivities.


Body High label boss Samo Sound Boy kicked things off right around 9pm with a steady dose of bass-
heavy anthems that would prove to be the prevailing theme of the night. Samo started his set with
some groovy deep house and throwback 90’s-style techno before moving almost seamlessly into a
smattering of down-tempo and hip-hop style beats for the trap lovers in attendance. Body High is one of
the many labels looking to set the curve in 2013, and if last night is any indication they have a lot coming
through the pipeline to get excited about.


Next up was the young phenom that many in attendance came specifically to see, Ryan Hemsworth.
Hemsworth has been a busy man of late, recording mixes for Boiler Room, The Fader, FACT Magazine
and many other tastemakers. His set was varied and consistently enthralling; a colorful mix of original
songs (including a few from his recent “Last Words” EP), soulful R&B remixes and commercial hip-hop
samples all layered over a constant booming bassline. With his star sharply on the rise in 2013, Sunday
will almost certainly be the last time Hemsworth plays a venue as intimate as Underground Arts.

After Hemsworth ended his set I was half expecting a lull in energy to follow. However, just as I was
about to step outside, Salva took the stage and found a way to ratchet up the energy about 1000%.
While the previous DJs had played some more melodic hip-hop and trap beats earlier in the night, Salva
opted for a less subtle route and immediately launched into his aggressive, bass heavy set.


Before my ear drums had any chance to recover from Salva’s thugged-out set, Daedelus finally took to
the stage to finish the night off with a bang. One of the things I love most about Daedelus (besides his
trademark mutton-chops of course) is his ability to become a chameleon on stage. No matter what type
of event he’s playing, he always seems to perfectly capture the mood and intensity of the crowd in his
set. Daedelus got down to businesses quickly and found a groove that satisfied everyone in attendance.
His keen ability to adapt, not to mention his obvious skills as a DJ accumulated during his years on tour,
were on full display on Sunday and left a lasting and satisfying impression as the show wound to a close.



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