Crystal Castles @ the TLA 3/15/11

Published on March 17th, 2011

On Tuesday night, the TLA hosted a sold-out Crystal Castles show. The venue was filled to capacity, disallowing much room for the erratic dancers present. Although lead singer Alice Glass was suffering from a broken ankle, the ankle brace didn’t prevent her from surfing the crowd and wooing the audience with her magnetic intensity. The band put on an amazing performance per usual, playing hits such as “Crimewave,” “Baptism,” and “Vietnam.” Strobe lights, black lights, and various other colors flashed with the music greatly enhancing each song; the finale was particularly amazing, including intense flashes of lights while the band raged without following any particular melody. Crystal Castles in themselves are never a disappointment, but their show at the Electric Factory last August definitely precedented venue-wise. Overall, Ms. Glass and the boys successfully teased the audience with sensual singing and dance-worthy beats, securing their dedicated following.


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