Childish Gambino to Perform at the TLA on 5/11

Published on April 28th, 2011

Donald Glover may come off as a harlequin on TV, but he is not a man to be taken lightly. Since his breakout comedy short BroRape swept the Internet in 2006, many have had the joker on their comedic radar. Besides being named the next rising star in comedy, and already with an Emmy under his belt for his work as a writer on NBC’s 30 Rock, Glover is probably most well known for his role as ironically poo-brained Troy on NBC’s Community. His popularity well exceeds that of the conventional comedian, thanks in part to his nifty personal website and frequent use of Twitter to report on things such as himself being considered for the role of Peter Parker in the upcoming Spiderman reboot, or two people having sex in a bank across the street.

Most recently however, Mr. Glover has hit the road with his rap act Childish Gambino, and is set to grace Philadelphia as part of his ½ stand-up comedy, ½ rap concert IAmDonald Tour. He claims that the name Childish Gambino was created randomly in a Wu Tang Clan name generator, but no other name could be so fitting for the 27-year-old, whose style and lyrics ingeniously call into question the immature, hyper-masculine illusions that much of contemporary rap is based upon. Augmenting his late MC/producer persona mcDJ, Childish Gambino brings it all: unique, comprehensive beats and remixes, witty rhymes that play off pop culture and gimmicks within mainstream rap, and a ferocious, Weezy-esque tone – although he prefers to be called ‘Cheezy.’ Also good to hear is that Glover creates all of his own music in collaboration with Community composer Ludwig Göransson, something that is not always the case with crossover artists. His newest EP is fresh to say the least, despite being his 4th studio release to date. While his earlier material leaned mostly towards comedy, this new release is more seriously rooted in the music. You can pick it all up on his website for free.

For maximum dopeness, check him out on May 11th at the Theater of the Living Arts. Tickets are $20 (plus $9 in fees if you buy them online), and can be found here.

Freaks and Geeks – Childish Gambino

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  1. Posted by Eric on July 29th, 2011, 23:20 [Reply]

    Rap Genius says the new song is called “Bonfire” – they have the whole thing explained line-by-line:


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