CHIDDY BANG: Interview w/ Xaphoon Jones

Published on October 18th, 2010

We’ve all heard of Chiddy Bang. They’ve been blowing up the blogosphere for the past year or so. Noah (Xaphoon Jones) and I actually go pretty far back; we’re from basically the same block – and we used to party together like youngin’s are wont to do. We from the 215 all miss his good lovin’, and I’m certainly very proud that he’s begun to make a lasting imprint on the world of Hip-Hop, Pop, and Electronica. Chiddy’s hometown showed them quite the reception back in September when they sold out the TLA, and they’ve since been keeping busy touring overseas. Despite all the cool stuff he’s been doing, I recently had the lucky opportunity to catch up with Noah.

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You’ve found a niche for your style of music. Have any other artists been of particular influence in helping you craft your style?

Yessir. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros’ first couple of albums kinda showed me it was ok to shamelessly tip your hat again and again to artists that inspire you. That being said, the music that’s inspired me for this project is the work of producers like The Knocks, Black Milk, Starsmith, & Kanye West.

How would you say that new breakthroughs in music production software will effect the world of music as we know it?

I mean, a song’s tempo and key now mean nothing, everything is flexible. And digital samplers have allowed us to have unending sound libraries with infinite combinations of sounds and ideas. Music will keep getting wilder and weirder, yet at the same time, the stuff that really connects to an audience will rise to the top of the word-of-mouth / internet world. Get ready for, I dunno, the age of weird pop.

How would you say your Philly roots have influenced the music you’ve been producing?

Mad diversity. To have all this amazing Jazz, latin music, carribean and dancehall while at the same time having folk and rock and indie and electronic artists all over the city, while at the same time you have kids going nuts to baltimore club stuff and then throw in the fact that you have tons of rappers releasing new mixtapes every day. I mean I can go see some kids with guitars play in somebody’s basement and then listen to that new meek mill mixtape on the walk home.

What inspired the name “Xaphoon Jones”?

New project, new name. The name “Xaphoon Jones” was created by my friend Patrick Braciszewski, singer of the infamous band, ‘The Cutbacks’.

A lot of talent and a bit of luck leads to stardom. What would you say your big break was?

Probably running into Black Thought at 30th st station. Yeah.

You’ve obviously been working with artists such as Black Thought, Pharrell and Q-tip. What artists do you hope/plan to work with in the future?

Glitch Mob, Ellie Goulding, Damon Albarn, Pusha T.

You and Chiddy been taken a special liking to in the UK, I’ve noticed, breaking top charts apart like it’s your job – but I guess it is. Why do you think they’ve been even more receptive over the pond?

Haha. Man I dunno? They’re always a couple steps ahead on the electronic tip. The grime scene is also really interesting. Maybe they just take a quicker liking to multiple-genre artists. Maybe they knew we wanted a tour we could legally drink on.

Are there any up and coming artists you think we should be on the lookout for?

The rapper from Wichita, Kansas, XV. His new material is massive. As always, Darwin Deez is a legend. The Knocks’ solo singles keep getting better and better. And the girl they signed, Alex Winston, is gonna have a big year. Let’s not forget uptown kids either like Theodore Grams.

Finally, what are you guys going to get up to for the remainder of 2010? New material? Touring?

We’re currently on the Glasgow stop of our UK tour with Grime-Pop legend Tinie Tempah. We’ll be wrapping up this tour at the end of October / early November. Then I’ll be taking November & December off to produce for other artists and write the full length Chiddy record. And hopefully kick it with my boy Aaron.

Bad Day ft. Darwin Deez – Chiddy Bang

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Stylo ft. Mos Def and Bobby Womack (Chiddy Bang Remix) – Gorillaz

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