Bo-Peep’s Tropical Bleats, Vol. 8: Moombahton

Published on February 25th, 2011

Starting here, in Vol. 8, I’m going to be doing something a little different. Each week, I will be showcasing another genre under the Tropical Bass umbrella… starting now with Moombahton!

What the hell is Moombahton (pronounced “moom-buh-tone”), you ask? Let’s flash back to 2009. Dave Nada, DC big-name and one-half of dynamic duo Nadastrom, is spinning at a house party for his younger cousin. Not wanting to make the tempo jump to House from Reggaeton, Nada had a revelation…

From an interview with The Fader:

“So I had the idea of slowing down some of the tropical/Dutch house stuff I had on CDs. Afrojack’s ‘Moombah Remix’ being the biggest tune, I said fuck it and turned that shit down to 108 bpm. [My cousin] JP told all his people about me so bamas started cheering when I went on. And that’s when shit popped the fuck off. The minute that T-t-t-t-turn up the bass! part came in and dropped the place went insane! I played it all the way til the end and then did the same to Sidney Samson’s ‘Riverside’ and EVERYONE is yelling the ‘Riverside motherfucker!’ part and shit was just too much. I was losin’ it and told myself, I need to make some edits of this shit! And thus, Moombahton was born.”

Since then, it’s all been coming up roses for Moombahton — it’s even spawned a “Moombahstep”/”Moombahcore” sub-genre which, yes, is exactly what you think it sounds like and even more awesome than you know.

Now, some examples…

Here’s the track that gives the genre its name.

“Moombahton (Original Mix)” – Dave Nada/”Moombah (Afrojack Remix) [Dave Nada ‘Moombahton’ Edit]” – Silvio Ecomo, Chuckie

You can find the rest of the release, brought to you by T&A Records, here.

Philadelphia’s main-man Emynd cooked up this massive Moombahton remix of Duck Sauce‘s “Barbara Streisand,” slowing it down to a mere crawl and overlaying some badass Reggaeton flow.

“Barbara Streisand (Emynd Moombahton Remix)” – Duck Sauce

Check out the label he runs with Bo Bliz, Crossfaded Bacon!

Charlotte, NC’s David Heartbreak enjoys infusing his Moombahton productions with a touch of soul, which is not only awesome, but so beautiful as to make my ears cry.

“All I Got… (Original Mix)” – David Heartbreak

If you don’t appreciate the deep touches that Heartbreak supplies, you don’t know how to listen to music.

Label Sol Selectas decided to release the Moombahton Massive EP II for free via Soundcloud, containing this original Moombahton track by Dutch Tropical Bass master Munchi.

“Gracias (Original Mix)” – Munchi

The EP also has as a killer Moombahcore remix of “Jump Around” from label-founder Sabo, and a couple contributions from the founder of Moombahton, himself.

French superstar Brodinski just recently released this raucous Moombahton mixtape, and I honestly can’t think of a better way to end an introduction to the genre than to listen to this mix. Follow the link below to grab it on Mad Decent’s blog.

European Introduction to Moombahton (<- Leads to Mad Decent)

Tracklist :

1. Munchi – Gracias
2. Obeyah – African Flute (obeyah Rmx)
3. Heartbreak – Grown Man Shit
4. Munchi – Esta Noche
5. Heartbreak & Sabbo – Like That
6. Willy Joy – A Woman Like Me (Dillon Francis Rmx)
7. Munchi – Sandungueo
8. Steve Starks – Fr33ky in the Club
9. Jon Kwest – Godless
10. Diplo & Dillon Francis – Que Que Feat. Maluca
11. Boyfriend – Vodka House
12. Bassanovva – Chicken Lover (Munchi Rmx)
13. Dillon Francis & Dave Nada – Brazzer's Theme
14. Jon Kwest – Run Di Track
15. Heartbreak – Arroz Con Pollo
16. Jon Kwest – OG call
17. Gucci Vump – Shashtilism (Max Le Daron Rmx)

That’s it for Moombahton this week, but I’ll revisit it later on. Next week… Baile Funk!


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