Artist Feature: Keys N Krates

Published on February 27th, 2012

Keys N Krates have been workin’ it. I’ve seen three of their remixes float down the Internet river in the past month, and the latest is at #4 on last time I checked: a remix of Madeon’s “Icarus”. The original is a favorite of mine from Madeon, and the KNK remix falls no shorter.

This trio of musicians decided awhile back that they were going to take the thrill of creating electronic studio music to the stage as live performance. The group consists of Adam Tune on drums, synth-master David Matisse on keys, and internationally award-winning Jr. Flo on turntables and are based out of Toronto. In 2011 these guys burst onto the festival scene playing at least 5 and have created official remixes for Lotus, Lyrics Born, and OK GO. This Miike Snow remix from about a week ago is what originally turned me onto them.

Normally I would have to say that a sound such as theirs is a little bit more hiphop influenced than what I would listen to, but the craftsmanship that goes into their live sets is palpable. Check out this live remix of a very familiar Talib song:

I am currently downloading their Blackout EP, or else I’d let you know what it sounds like. Most likely it is just

as great as their live material. You can pick it up on their website here [].


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